7 months ago

In a {modern} therapy room, a {person} is sitting on a {comfortable cushioned chair}. The room is filled with {soft, diffused light} that creates a {calming} and {cozy} atmosphere. The walls are adorned with {inspiring artwork} that evokes a sense of introspection and personal growth. The person is in a relaxed posture, with their eyes closed and a serene expression on their face. The therapist, dressed in {casual yet professional attire}, is gently guiding the person through their thoughts and emotions. The therapist's voice is {gentle} and {reassuring}, creating a safe space for the person to explore their innermost feelings. The room is filled with {subtle scents} of lavender and sandalwood, adding to the overall sense of relaxation. The sound of {calming instrumental music} softly plays in the background, enhancing the therapeutic experience. The image should be a {photorealistic} representation of this therapy session, capturing the minute details of the room, the emotions on the faces, and the overall atmosphere of tranquility. The lens used should be a {35mm lens} to capture a wider angle and emphasize the room's modern aesthetics. ((Keywords: modern, person, comfortable cushioned chair, soft diffused light, calming, cozy, inspiring artwork, introspection, personal growth, relaxed posture, closed eyes, serene expression, casual yet professional attire, gentle voice, reassuring, safe space, subtle scents, lavender, sandalwood, calming instrumental music, photorealistic, 35mm lens))