How to expense PromptHero courses

Great news: your company might have an L&D or educational budget that can cover the cost of our courses. We offer a variety of methods to help you get a reimbursement for your course.

Get reimbursed for your AI influencers and consistent characters course

PromptHero invoice

Once you've registered for a course, we'll issue an invoice for your purchase attached to your purchase email. This invoice can be submitted directly to your team to get a reimbursement. The invoice we provide is customizable: you can add custom details like your organization's name and address.

Certificate of completion

When you successfully complete one of our courses, you will receive a certificate of completion via email, proving you've finished the course. This certificate will include your name, details of the course, and the official PromptHero logo. Here's what it looks like:

Email template

If you require approval from your manager, we offer a pre-made reimbursement template that you can use. Express to your manager your interest in a course that could enhance your performance at work.

While it's true that the course could align with your personal career aspirations, what your manager really cares about is whether it can contribute to the company's financial growth or savings. Therefore, it's important to present the course in a way that highlights its advantages for your manager, your team, and your entire organization.

This approach not only makes the course seem indispensable but also instills a sense of urgency. Emphasize that the team might lag behind without this training, or how it could lead to advancement if you do take the course.

Remember, managers are often more inclined to authorize expenses that feel like painkillers, not vitamins.

Hey {manager},

There's a course called AI influencers and consistent characters that I'd love to enroll in. It's a live, online course with peers who are in similar roles to me, and it's run on PromptHero, where hundreds of thousands of AI professionals and AI enthusiasts go for resources related with artificial intelligence, especially generative AI.

A few highlights:

  • Direct access to the expert instructors teaching the course
  • Hands-on working sessions to test new tactics and ideas
  • Latest thinking in the space on how to solve problems we're facing

I anticipate being able to put my learnings directly into practice during the course. After the course, I can share the learnings with the team so our entire team levels up.

The course costs $149 USD. If you like, you can review course details here:

What do you think?

{Your Name}

P.S. Other teams have sent a few people to the course together because it's an efficient way to get shared context that otherwise takes back-and-forth time to build. It might make sense for us to send a few folks to this course.

Enjoy the course!

Taking a PromptHero course to invest in your own growth is a powerful strategy to fast-track your career, and we hope your employer agrees. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us!

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