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Upwork is hiring a Searching for an AI engineer (preferably with marketing background)

Searching for an AI engineer (preferably with marketing background)

Upwork  ·  US  ·  $73k/yr - $150k/yr
2 months ago

Would like to build an AI campaign measurement platform for businesses? Ideally, I'd like the platform to have the following features real-time analytics dashboard, cultural relevance analytics, audience segmentation tools. Essentially I want the platform to be used by businesses to track real-time campaign performance. I also want it to be able to track keywords on social media related to the campaign (so NLP), and measure the performance of digital ads. This is the multi-channel aspect.

Other features include audience segmentation tool to enable clients to segment their target audience based on demographics, behaviour, and preferences to create highly targeted campaigns. Whilst also layering cultural relevance analytics to understand trends between different demographics.

I'd also like to build in A/B testing for website optimisation. Finally, a predictive analytics feature would allow users to forecast the performance of a campaign before execution using historical data.

I'm building this from scratch, as it's a concept at the moment. This will be an MVP for the initial stage of product development.

The ideal person would have great AI engineering skills (preferably some knowledge about digital marketing) and willing to work together to bring this to life.

Please let me know if you'd like to be onboard this project!

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