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Upwork is hiring a AI Integrated Restaurant Ordering and Management system

AI Integrated Restaurant Ordering and Management system

Upwork  ·  US  ·  $42k/yr - $100k/yr
2 months ago

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I am working on developing an AI and ML driven order and restaurant management system. At present I am looking to build a proof of concept to use to attract investors.

* Integration between a large language model such as Llama2 7b or 13b to provide the overall coordination and order taking. This model would have to be fine-tuned for Restaurant management functions

* Speech to text and text to speech model integration to allow voice converstational order placing via phone with the goal to minimize the negative experience people typically have when talking to computer menu based systems.

* Order scheduling integration so that the management system is aware of order capacity at each station, and the stations required to make an order and then schedule the order appropriately for the cashier and customer as the order is being placed.

* Ingredient tracking in the order so that consumption of inventory is tracked and order recommendations can be provided to the restaurant manager to reduce the time they spend placing orders

* Schedule tracking and performance tracking of team members to show where employees strengths are and adjust station order capacity based on staffing. Shift scheduling based on order volume and employee capabilities.

* Integration into Point of Sales systems such as Toast and Intouch POS via API so that restaurants can just plug this functionality into their existing systems.

We are not looking for 100% delivery on these areas. We are looking for proof of concept to be able to demonstrate these capabilities to investors

Simple web interface would be needed to configure settings, select models and more but nothing fancy at this time.

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