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Midjourney Art Project

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3 months ago

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I'm looking to use Midjourney to create illustrations for a series of "listen and repeat" videos that I will create and post to Instagram.

These phrases are to promote the Circassian language, so I'd like the art to be very Circassian-specific.

Attached here are a few Circassian-specific illustrations that I've created in the past. These were hand-made, and they represent my ethnicity, but they look like the people are always in villages or farms.

I'd like to take this look and feel and modernize it and create a style that looks more like the attached non-Circassian-specific examples I am sharing here.

I'm looking for someone to play around in Midjourney to come up with a few styles that look good. The art style should appeal to adults and children alike.

Here are a few of the sample phrases that I will be including:


How are you doing?

Not bad.


You're welcome.

Do you understand?

I understand.

Where are you going?

I'm late!

Since these images will appear in IG videos, they need to be vertically formatted.

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This job is already closed and no longer accepting applicants, sorry.