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Upwork is hiring a Apply to jobs for me

Apply to jobs for me

Upwork  ·  US  ·  $6.2k/yr - $12k/yr
2 months ago

20 applicants

Search LinkedIn or anywhere else and apply to jobs for me. Search for things like "Full Stack Web Developer", "Back End Web Developer", "Front End Developer", and "Software Engineer", "Java Spring", "Vue.js", "React.js".

Apply to jobs that seem relevant / like a potential fit.

Only reply to positions that are fully remote. No on site, no hybrid.

If I take a job that you got me, I will pay you a lump sum of $500 in addition to any hourly compensation you have earned.

If you see a job that seems like a good fit for me from any of these companies, do NOT apply to them, but let me know about the job. I have friends who will give me a referral to any of these companies, and so I would like to apply to them personally:

Microsoft, ICF (https://careers.icf.com/), IBM, Charles Schwab, Drone Sense (https://dronesense.com/careers/open-positions/), Chevron, Fujitsu, LinkedIn, Meta, Spotify, Ebay, Discord, Google, AT&T, Confluent (https://careers.confluent.io), Coinbase, Redjack, CoreLogic.

Additionally, don't apply to Amazon, Apple, or Netflix.

Do not apply to senior, lead, or principle level positions.

Do not apply to jobs that require having or obtaining a security clearance.

Apply to entry level, mid level, and unspecified level positions. Honestly the numbers that I am going to provide below for my years of experience are very inflated, so you will want to find jobs that are on the entry level side of things if at all possible.

Get the Simplify Jobs Google Chrome extension to help you fill out applications faster, but don't rely on it. Double check its work and make edits as appropriate.

If it asks for my years of experience, use the numbers below. If what it asks for is not in this list, tell me, and I'll update my list / add it.

Full Stack Development: 4 years

Front End Development: 4 years

Back End Development: 4 years

Java: 5 years

Python: 5 years

C++ 1 year

JavaScript: 5 years

HTML: 5 years

CSS: 5 years

Vue.js 2 years

React.js 2 years

Spring / Spring Framework / Spring Boot: 1 year

Django: 2 years

Node.js 2 years

SQL 3 years,

I will give you my resume, my email address, and other contact info to use when applying. Don't submit a cover letter unless it is required. I will give you a cover letter you can use if you have to use one.

Please keep a log of companies and positions that you apply to for me. Please keep a PDF log of each page of an application that you fill out for me (you can use control+P or command+P to get to the print dialog, and then save a PDF of the website). I would like to see the filled out applications. You will need a way to send me these files. Whether you send me periodic zip files, or whether you send me a link to a cloud storage folder.

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