Upwork is hiring a Landing Page Designer - Contract to Hire

Landing Page Designer - Contract to Hire

Upwork  ·  US  ·  $21k/yr - $52k/yr
4 months ago


We are a rapidly growing Digital Marketing Agency seeking an experienced and creative Landing Page Designer to enhance our team. Before applying, carefully review the requirements to ensure alignment with your skills and preferences.


We prioritize certain criteria for this role and expect full commitment to:

1. **Design Expertise:**

- Demonstrate a high level of proficiency and creativity in landing page design.

2. **Availability:**

- Commit to working independently with flexibility, meeting project deadlines.

3. **Time Tracker Tool:**

- Comfortably work with a time tracking tool to ensure accountability.

4. **Stable Internet Connection:**

- Maintain a reliable and stable internet connection.

5. **Fluency in English:**

- Proficiency in English is mandatory.

6. **Communication and Responsiveness:**

- Demonstrate excellent communication skills and responsiveness.

7. **Experience:**

- Possess at least two years of experience in landing page design with a strong portfolio.



- Create visually appealing and effective landing pages that align with project goals.

- Incorporate branding elements and ensure a seamless user experience.

- Utilize industry best practices for conversion-focused design.


- Work closely with marketing and content teams to understand project requirements.

- Incorporate feedback and revisions to meet project objectives.

**Technical Skills:**

- Proficient in relevant design tools and software.

- Stay updated on design trends and implement best practices.


- Manage projects independently, meeting deadlines and maintaining high-quality design standards.


- Provide regular updates on project progress.

- Communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders.


- Showcase a strong portfolio demonstrating diverse landing page designs.

Successful applicants can anticipate joining a dynamic and collaborative organization. Begin your proposal by stating your favorite design project or element.

Job is closed

This job is already closed and no longer accepting applicants, sorry.