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Upwork is hiring a Research best AI tools in the market

Research best AI tools in the market

Upwork  ·  US  ·  $17k/yr - $31k/yr
3 months ago

5 applicants

Our 2 biggest challenges:

1.AI that will fix our recruiting challenges

a. Finding candidates

b. Matching candidates

c. Going through the screening questions

d. Booking them for interviews

e. Giving follow up emails and contact after

2. AI that can do the outreach for us

a. Inbound and Outbound calls

b. Text (inbound and outbound)

c. Email (inbound and outbound)

d. Chat (inbound and outbound)

e. Documentation in all the above via spreadsheets, CRMs, ATS, client database.

Presented nicely but not with a lot of effort


What is available?

What is good?

How do you define?

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