Upwork is hiring a Research Assistant To Aid With Content Marketing Project

Research Assistant To Aid With Content Marketing Project

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5 months ago

I’m looking for an assistant to aid with the research process for a content marketing project. We are creating blog posts for multiple keyword variations like “best log cabin kits for under $25,000,” “best log cabin kits for $25,000-$50,000,” and “best log cabin kits for $50,000-$100,000.”

Your job is to find 15 log cabin kits for sale on various log home builder websites in the United States that fit the keyword I provide and then provide a link to the website of the log cabin kit for sale along with price.

So the end deliverable is a list of 15 links per keyword.

For every log cabin kit link you add, the link MUST include:

The price of the log cabin kit

The log cabin kit’s floorplan

Interior and exterior pictures of the cabin

The log cabin kit’s square footage

If the link is missing any of the four elements above (price, floor plan, image, or sq footage), you cannot use the link.

Finally, you may not use more than two log cabin kits from the same log cabin builder.

To give you an example, this would be an appropriate link for the keyword “log cabin kits under $100,000” as it includes all of the four elements:


I will provide the keyword for each post and will pay a project price of $20 per keyword (15 links).

I have a total of over 30 keywords lined up, so if the first project goes well, I’d love to hire you to do the other 30+ keywords.

Job is closed

This job is already closed and no longer accepting applicants, sorry.