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5 months ago

I need to analyze a batch of photo's of ancient coins which may have different objects within the coin design. I need a way to go thru all the images and isolate the different objects and then create some sort of a database that can group different coins with same or similar objects.

The object of this project is to understand which objects (the script, the figure, the monogram etc) were used on which coins and then further analyse the data.

For example in the image attached - I have circled this geometric design - a monogram:

1. I need a way for the program to find different version of such a monogram

We will need to talk thru this a little bit to help you understand exactly what needs to be done so you can build the program which we can use on different coin images, to look for different objects are identified.

2. Then once it finds them, I can confirm yes - ok to use or no - not a monogram etc... teach it what to look for.

3. Then it would scan thru thousands of different images to find which monogram shows up on which images and then group it together.

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