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Review AL/ML Python Task

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5 months ago

Python Code Reviewer Needed for Candidate Evaluation

We're in the midst of hiring junior Python developers and have tasked several candidates with an online challenge. We've received a whopping 130 submissions and now require an expert to sift through these solutions. The task details can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fLFsDEkrCSLtNtwiMRtWQfsFZcTsgvTf7__nt1PqAlo/edit?usp=sharing.

Your role will be to review each Github submission, rank candidates based on their coding proficiency, and help us spot standout developers. We're particularly interested in their analytical approach, decision-making process, code cleanliness, and structure.

Though 130 submissions might seem overwhelming, the goal is to conduct a cursory review, make preliminary decisions, and identify top-tier engineers.

Key Requirements:

Proficient in Python.

A keen eye for code quality and best practices.

Enjoys reviewing and critiquing code.

If you believe you're up to the task, we'd love to hear from you!

Job is closed

This job is already closed and no longer accepting applicants, sorry.