Upwork is hiring a Excel/Google Sheets Expert Needed for Sales Performance Tracking Sheet - Contract to Hire

Excel/Google Sheets Expert Needed for Sales Performance Tracking Sheet - Contract to Hire

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4 months ago


We are in search of an adept Excel/Google Sheets professional who can craft a detailed cold calling scoresheet for our sales team. This sheet will serve as a tool to log daily sales call activity and evaluate the team's performance throughout the month.

Key Responsibilities:

- Create a Google Sheet that aligns with the structure shown in provided screenshots.

- Ensure automated calculation of percentages and averages through formulas.

- Apply conditional formatting to spotlight key performance indicators (KPIs).

- Design a sheet that is both easy to navigate for data input and robust for analysis.

Specific Tasks:

- Reproduce a "Broker Deals: Cold Calling Scoresheet" with designated columns for Date, Dials, Pick Ups, Pick Up Percentage, Pitches, Pitch Percentage, Appointments, Appointment Percentage, and Pickup to Appointment Percentage.

- Automate the computation of Pick Up Percentage, Pitch Percentage, Appointment Percentage, and Pickup to Appointment Percentage based on the provided data.

- Include a summary area that computes the average values for each metric.

- Set up target KPI values and format the sheet to visually signal when these targets are met or surpassed.


- Demonstrable proficiency with Excel and Google Sheets.

- A solid grasp of sales metrics and data analysis techniques.

- Capability to formulate complex equations and generate comprehensive reports.

- A meticulous eye for detail and precision.

- Proficient communication skills and promptness in responses.

To Apply:

Kindly forward your application including:

- An outline of your pertinent experience and professional history.

- Samples of comparable spreadsheets you've developed.

- Your projected timeline for project completion.

- Your financial expectations for the project.

We are eager to review applications and collaborate with a specialist who can elevate our sales monitoring processes!

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