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JH_LEE posted about 2 months ago
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(luxury fashion:1.4) , (exquisite:1.3) , (best quality:1.2) , avant-garde, 4K resolution, Canon EOS-1D X Mark III camera, professional photoshoot, full body angle, (stylish woman:1.2) , (Bold Bohemian Festival Ensemble:1.2) , (Flowing Boho Fringe Skirt:1.1) , (Vibrant Tassel Embellishments:1.2) , (Whimsical Flower Crown:1.1) , (Barefoot Boho Sandals:1.2) , (Bohemian Tie-Dye Palette:1.1) , (Abstract Boho Patterns:1.1) , (Free-Spirited Boho Pose:1.2) , (Festival Vibes Atmosphere:1.1) , (Boho Spirit Runway:1.2)

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