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abyishot posted 9 months ago
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In the illustrious land of Faerun, a lady of noble birth graces the realm with her presence. Known as Princess Elbereth, she hails from the esteemed lineage of the high elves, whose ancestors once fought valiantly alongside Queen Althea's forebears against the forces of darkness.

As destiny weaves its intricate tapestry, Princess Elbereth finds herself at the center of a momentous alliance. To forge a bond between the elven and human realms, she is intended to be betrothed to the son of Queen Althea. However, the current royals harbor reservations, for Princess Elbereth carries within her bloodline the echoes of a distant ancestor—Lillith, the infamous Evil Cleric Elf who once stood as a notorious adversary during the reign of Queen Althea's mother.

Caught in the delicate balance between ancient bloodlines and present alliances, Princess Elbereth embodies the complexity of her heritage. Her heart, filled with the noble virtues of her elven lineage, yearns to unite the realms in harmony. Yet, whispers of caution and mistrust linger, a reminder of the dark shadow cast by her distant kin.