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iiibax posted 11 months ago
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Masterpiece, analog style, bldrnrst, (35mmstyle:1) , film-like, rear angle photo of (effortlessly beautiful [cyborg| woman] space outlaw, wearing white latex booty shorts and [Cyberpunk| Dieselpunk] red vest armor, accentuated booty), ((cowboy hat) ), (perfect face:1. 2) , looking back at viewer, (detailed skin) , realistic skin texture, [[imperfect skin] ], fine details, BREAK (standing on brink of tall mountain with grand and imposing tropical rainforest on alien planet in the background) , (sci-fi) , (mountains:1. 1) , lush green vegetation, vivid details, beautiful colors, [ambient light] , (two moons and majestic galaxy in the night sky above in background) , [fantasy| scifi] _\ (setting\) , BREAK (lens flare:0. 7) , (bloom 0. 6) , particle effects, beautiful cinematic light, shallow depth of field, photographed on a Hasselblad X1D II 50c, 90mm f/2. 8 cine lens, sharp focus, cinestill 800T, (highly detailed, intricately detailed) , HDR, 8k, cinematic film still from [gravity| westworld] , from behind, big ass

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