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iiibax posted 9 months ago
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Masterpiece, Best Quality, yellow and black alien 3d model, in the style of surreal cyberpunk iconography, close-up shot, steelpunk, photobashing, dieselpunk. leica r8, 8k, UHD, HDR.
Negative prompt:

worst quality, low quality, blurry, cropped, lowres, text, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, artist name, trademark, title, multiple view, Reference sheet, Out of Frame, (((Naked, Nude, NSFW, Erotica) )), EasyNegativeV2, EasyNegative, (cartoon:1.5) , (sketch:1.5) , (drawings:1.5) , paintings, manet, muta, mutat, mutation, mutated, deformed, blurry, soap, (worst_quality:2) , (low_quality:2) , lowres, (((backlight) )), dark face, white fur, gold fabric, ((cropped head) ), ((out of frame) ), deformed, cripple, ugly, additional arms, additional legs, additional head, two heads, multiple people, group of people 16-token-negative-deliberate-neg bad-picture-chill-32v bad_prompt_version2 BadDream FastNegativeV2 negative_hand-neg by-bad-artist BadNegAnatomyV1-neg ng_deepnegative_v1_75t verybadimagenegative_v1. 3, manet, cartoon, sketch, abstract, (draws:0.1) , worst_quality, manet, cartoon, sketch, abstract, (draws:0.1) , worst_quality, sad boring mouth sleep, abstract metal sculpture, illustration, cartoon, cyborg, asymmetrical, mouth, holes, out of frame, bad art, blurry, bad proportions, gross proportions, signature, words, descriptions, watermark, (cartoon:0.1) , (hole:0.1) , (swirl:0.05) , jpeg artifacts, (oil:0.1) , (vintage:0.1) , (muta:0.1) , (deformed, distorted, disfigured) , mutated, mutation, ugly, disgusting, amputation, drawn, bad anatomy, (worth quality, low quality) , disappearing arms thigh calf legs, fused fingers, abnormal, (worth quality, low quality) , lowres, cartoon, comic, game, cg, lowres, jpeg artifacts, (worst low quality) , software interface, simple, cartoon, comic, poor_drawings, vintage, jpeg, low res, worst_quality, low_quality, normal_quality, retro, (muta:0.1) , cropped, out of frame, out of focus, extra fingers, multiple faces, multiple body, spots on face, mutated hands, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn face, mutation, deformed, ugly, blurry, bad anatomy, bad proportions, extra limbs, cloned face, disfigured, out of frame, ugly, extra limbs, bad anatomy, gross proportions, malformed limbs, missing arms, missing legs, extra arms, extra legs, mutated hands, fused fingers, too many fingers, long neck


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