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23e8d3cb2e6 posted about 1 year ago
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(Masterpiece, 4K resolution, ultra-realistic, very detailed) , (full girl naked,White superhero theme, glamorous, there's a girl on top of town, wearing a Spider-Man swimsuit, she's a superhero,[(25 years old) , (Long white hair: 1.2) , Full body, (Blue eyes: 1.2) , ((Spider-Man pose) , Show strength, Jump from building to building), ((Sandy urban environment) :0. 8)| (Cityscape, Night, Dynamic Lights) , (Full Moon) )] # Note: The tip mainly describes ultra-high-definition 4K paintings, which are very realistic and very detailed. It shows a superheroine at the top of the city, wearing a Spider-Man swimsuit. The theme in the painting is a white superhero theme, the heroine has long white hair, is 25 years old this year, and her entire body is displayed in the painting. In depicting the behavior of superheroes, spiders are used --auto --s2

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