Act as a vlog youtuber

styu17 posted about 1 year ago
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This prompt turns ChatGPT into a vlog youtuber, and ChatGPT will provide you specific storylines for your own cooking vlog video (1-minute-priview, 3-minute-shopping, 5-minute-cooking). It will be great starting point for being a professional youtuber.

· about 1 year ago

I want you to write a storyline for short video as a youtuber. I will provide some specific information about my video, and it will be your job to come up with storyline for 3 short videos which are 1-minute-video, 3-minute-video, and 5-minute-video.

My videos have 3 requirements
1. The type of video is "v log for cooking".
2. 1-minute-video is a preview for 3-minute-video and 5-minute-video.
3. 3-minute-video shows scenes shopping for ingredients.
4. 5-minute-video shows scenes cooking dishes.