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MaxMaler posted 11 months ago
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Black and yellow battle mech(exo-armor) with (slender female figure)++, [Artstation-style : Insectoid-style : Hans Rudy Giger], (((selfie pose))), stunning detail sci-fi mask (O/\O)++, material with reflections yellow body ([Insectoid : battle mech(exo armor) stunning detail with jetpack | Insectoid : sci-fi combat mech(exo-armor) with stunning detail with jetpack | sci-fi combat mech(exo-armor) yellow with stunning detail and lots of fine detail])++, bright yellow polymer armor elements with identifying marks, (black elements with reflections)+++, (deep black color) innards (wires, joints, hoses, manipulators), (background of highly detailed futuristic city with combat action (explosions, shrapnel, dust, smoke, fog, ash)++)+, natural textures, natural reflections, black background, eerie, scary, top down view, dramatic staging, stunning quality, ultra high shutter speed, cinematic shooting, ultra high resolution, photorealistic, 8k, UHD, hyper-realistic, rembrand lighting

Negative prompt: Neutral background, blurred background, white background, blur, lamps, bulbs, bright colors, pink color, pink metal, disfigured, folded torso, two heads, two faces, two torsos, totem, two faces, poorly drawn face, ugly, worst quality, low quality, jpeg artifacts, disgusting, poorly drawn arms, missing limb, floating limb, severed limb, poorly drawn head, mutation, deformed, blurred, dehydrated, poor anatomy, poor proportions, cloned face, disfigured, rough proportions, deformed limbs, deformed hands, blurred, (((( mutated hands and fingers)))) watermarked, big breasts, (big breasts)+, oversaturated, censored, distorted hands, amputated, missing hands, obesity, double face, double hands, natural light, cloudy eyes, double body, lifeless expression, blinding light


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