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Duffman posted 8 months ago
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The best ever、8K, (((Full Body Esbian) ))、 (((The shine) ))、 (((Metallic) ))、 (((Cyberpunk) ))、The cute beauty of the mecha (best quality, Detailed details, Masutepiece, , 8K, Chiaroscuro,Great in good shape、Bust photos are ultra-realistic and realistic, Highly detailed Hasselblad RAW photos ) ((Beautiful and radiant natural eyes) ))、 (((Human skin type) ))、( ((Highly photorealistic people) ))、 (Perfectly round eyes) (((The details of the iris of the pupil are very amazing) ))、 (((Luminous eyes) ))、Precise fingers、Limbs without failures、 (((The face of a Caucasian 20-year- old girl) ))、 (((Very fair skin) ))、Naturally closed mouth、Staring eyes、natural body、 ((A baby face) ))、 (((Caucasian cool high nose at the base) ))、 (((Skin types of humane Russian girls) ))、 (((Very cute female face) ))、female body、a small face、 (((soft cheeks) ))、Looking at camera、Balanced face、 (((drooling eyes) ))、 (((Beautiful drooping eyes) ))、Body with human- like proportions、 (((Slightly longer arms) ))、 (((Slightly longer arms) ))、 ((long neck) ))、Normal shoulder width、 (short thighs) (((Long below knee) ))、 (((thick waist) ))、 (Fairly long torso) (((large hands) ))、human face、 ((Bright blue- purple light blue silver hair) ))、 ((Cool and cute cropped hair) ))、Background is the future、 (((8 head body) ))、 (((Bright light purple eyes) ))、 (((thinness, thin silver eyebrows) ))、 ((thin eyebrows) ))、 ((Looking at this) ))、

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