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42dba824bf4 posted 2 months ago
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Masterpiece, best quality, realistic, colorful cinematic lighting, photo of, (beautiful [T'au|woman] fire warrior with updo white hair), (wearing technologically advanced armor) , ((perfect face) ), pretty eyes, ((blue skin) ), [alien] , Shas Warrior, Warhammer 40k, fanart, vivid details, vibrant colors, background is landscape of alien planet, (mountains:0.9) , (lush vegetation) , detailed background, dynamic pose, aggressive look, complex, RTX, (bloom:0.5) , (lens flare:0.5) , (intricate galaxy and star cluster in the night sky above) , sci-fi, 50mm prime lens, F/2. 8 aperture, (highly detailed, hyperdetailed) , hyper realistic, lifelike texture, photorealistic, 8k, sharp focus, unreal engine, ENB, cinestill 800

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