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abyishot posted about 1 year ago
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Grand Elder Vassania, a name that echoes through the ages, is a figure of unparalleled power and wisdom in the vampire world. With a lineage stretching back over a thousand years, she holds the status of a Grand Elder and is a direct ancestor of the renowned Mordecai Bloodthorne family.

Vassania's authority extends beyond the bounds of individual vampire clans, covens, and kingdoms. All vampires, from fledglings to elders, bow to her supreme command. As the pinnacle of vampire society, she possesses the ultimate power to shape and dictate the laws, traditions, and customs that govern their existence.

The Grand Elder's age surpasses mortal comprehension, as she has witnessed countless generations of vampires rise and fall. Her longevity grants her an unparalleled depth of knowledge and a mastery of supernatural abilities that have been honed through centuries of experience.

Grand Elder Vassania, however, is not a figure readily accessible. She slumbers in a state of super slumber, a vampiric state of deep hibernation, only awakening when deemed absolutely necessary. Disturbing her in this state is perilous, as it would invoke instant death upon the intruder. Her rest ensures her preservation, and her awakening signals a time of great significance and importance.