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abyishot posted 10 months ago
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In the unforgiving terrain of a future at war, a soldier emerged under the moniker Destructo. His code name mirrored his prowess – a master of destruction, his skills in warfare were unmatched. A lethal symphony of efficiency and intelligence flowed through his veins, earned him admirers among his superiors. Yet, beneath the veneer of proficiency lay a darkness that knew no bounds.

Destructo's mastery over weaponry, vehicles, and war machines painted him as a lethal force, an instrument of annihilation. But within his soul churned a malevolence that defied comprehension. Evil was his ally, and menace his constant companion. He would plunge into battle with calculated ruthlessness, his heart a void devoid of compassion.

The boundaries of morality dissolved in Destructo's wake. Even his comrades were not safe from his treachery – their lives mere pawns in his ruthless pursuit of advantage. His allegiance to no one but himself knew no mercy, no hesitation, and no remorse. Enemies, young and old, of any status or gender, were met with the same fate – obliteration. Connection to the enemy, no matter how tenuous, was enough to seal one's doom.

Destructo was a living embodiment of the darkest corners of war's heart. His tale was one of efficient destruction, his skills revered and his malevolence dreaded. (Soldiers of the Future)