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DamShelma posted 5 months ago
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detailed beautiful goddess Hel with long black hair, pale white skin, detailed eyes, sitting on the throne of Helheim | Magali Villeneuve | Bayard Wu, inquisitive spirit | inspiration | dark colors, intricate detailing, surrealism, fractal hair, enigmatic villainess smile, dressed in complex chaotic fractal leather, artificial nightmares style, reflective eyes, detailed eyes, detailed art deco ornamentation, 32k

Negative prompt: two heads, two faces, medieval, (poorly drawn fingers), deformed fingers, distorted fingers, bad fingers, (extra fingers), missing fingers, malformed hands, deformed, cross-eyed, closed eyes, bad anatomy, ugly, disfigured, sloppy, duplicate, mutated, bad eyes, [deformed | disfigured], poorly drawn, [bad : wrong] anatomy [extra | missing | floating | disconnected] limb, (mutated hands and fingers), blurry blurry eyes, out-of-focus eyes, distorted eyes, deformed eyes, low-resolution, bad quality, poorly drawn face, poorly drawn hands, bad anatomy, anatomical inconsistencies, truncated body parts, cropped improperly


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