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Drusniel_com posted about 1 year ago
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Full male body, resting in the snow, male human, Sturm from Dragonlance, human knight, honorable, taking a break amidst a snowy landscape, ((thick mustache, long brown hair, stern brown eyes) ), (shining plate armor with intricate patterns) , (fabric with intricate pattern:1.2) , (insanely detailed, bloom:1.5) , (highest quality, Brom, Frank Frazetta, H.R. Giger, Yoshitaka Amano, Luis Royo, concept art, 4k) , (analog:1.2) , ((high sharpness) ), (detailed pupils:1.1) , (painting:1.1) , (digital painting:1.1) , detailed face and eyes, Masterpiece, best quality, (highly detailed photo:1.1) , 8k, photorealistic, By Jeremy Mann, by Sandra Chevrier, by Maciej Kuciara, sharp, (strong knight body:1.1) , realistic, real shadow, 3d, (tranquil snow-covered background:1.2) , (by Michelangelo) . Model: RPG 4
Negative prompt:

Negative prompt: lowres, more than 5 fingers, more than 2 arms, beard, more than 2 hands, (cartoon) (saturated) (bad hands) (disfigured) (grain) (deformed) (poorly drawn) (mutilated) (lowres) (deformed) child, white pants, nude, nsfw, cartoon, comic, drawing, many horses


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