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C_Sobi posted 9 months ago
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full body photo realistic sharp shot, Rock Lee mix with Orochimaru, androgynous, African descent, vampire succubus hybrid, symmetrical face, astonishing, polished, glamorous, irresistibly seductive, sublime, slick back wavy curly wet hair, intricate, hair texture details and reflection, face details, symmetrical, mix of smooth and sharp features around the borders, stares at viewer, seductive gaze, enticing tantalizing facial expression, Monalisa sadistic minimally asymmetrical smile, perfect white ivory sharp teeth showing, golden rule, intricate hyper maximalist minimalist perfect sharp details deep burgundy perfect eyes, seductive soft eye lids, dark burgundy eyeliner, with a tinge of gold glittery in eye nose bridge corners, pale olive skin, perfect blend of hyper minimalist to minimalist to maximalist to hyper maximalist soft glam natural makeup around the borders, soft matte with a tinge of glitter finish, cinema blend, golden minimalist snake hoop earrings, slightly long exposed neck, purple bruising and snakeskin details and reflection, gothic golden choker necklace, glistering, round shoulders revealing luscious androgynous body, hairy body, body hair, untamed voluminous Africans oily chest hair, slightly tame toward the edges, dynamic seductive pose, glowing skin, see-through fish scale translucent florescent interference colors transparent onesie blouse short, crisp quality, exquisite craftsmanship, polished, voluminously hairy oily legs, hyper detailed maximalist Indian ankle bracelet, open side black leather glossy combat boot standing on minimalist mosaic porcelain floor, art by Leonardo de Vinci and Alex Grey, ray light, volumetric lighting, otherworldly ominous dreamlike atmosphere, tinges of fog mist, succubus wings, onyx reflective material luxurious, hybrid hyperrealism and 3d octane render, Unreal Engine 5 with ray light, award winning surrealist fantasy directed by James Cameron aspect ratio 2:3

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