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FINN posted about 2 months ago
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Jinx, explosions behind her, fire, chaos, minigun, far view, a woman, fit, beautiful, slender, natural curves, natural upper body, attractive, ponytail, many freckles, smiling, cargo pants, tank top, soldier-pose, riverfront, park trail, movement, motion, 3d digital art, amazing wallpaper in 8k, upscaling image art, ((full body character concept) ), ((((amazing masterpiece digital art, hdr, uhd, depth of field, <lora:apex:0. 7> , <lora:rampart:0. 5> , <lora:minigun:1. 0> , <lora:more_details:0. 7> , <lora:beautiful_detailed_eyes:0. 7> , jinxlol, <lora:JinxLol:0. 9>

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