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Atheist posted 5 months ago
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@Sundollop Promoting V2

By Alexander Jansson | | Amazing breathtaking surrealism, optical illusion surreal image of an intricate glowing never-ending HUGE spiral SPIRALING portal made of stars constellations crystals and golden glitter with cities and fossils built into it, bioluminescent crystals all over the place, leading into a starry galaxy, a silhouette of_a_man_is_walking_in_it, super colorful, hyperdetailed, intricate

Negative prompt: human_skin || blurry || 2D || Low Quality || text logos || watermarks || signatures || out of frame || jpeg artifacts || ugly || poorly drawn || extra_limbs || extra_hands || extra feet || backwards limbs || extra fingers || extra toes || unrealistic, incorrect, bad anatomy || cut off body pieces || strange body positions || impossible body positioning || Mismatched eyes || cross eyed || crooked face || crooked lips || unclear || undefined || mutations || deformities || off center || poor_composition || duplicate faces


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