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Drusniel_com posted about 1 year ago
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full body, walking pose, male elf, tanis from dragonlance, archer, nature, on a forest, ((red braided hair, red braided beard) ), (dark red gold hessian cloak) , (fabric with intricate pattern:1.2) , (insanely detailed, bloom:1.5) , (highest quality, Alessandro Casagrande, Greg Rutkowski, Sally Mann, concept art, 4k) , (analog:1.2) , ((high sharpness) ), (detailed pupils:1.1) , (painting:1.1) , (digital painting:1.1) , detailed face and eyes, Masterpiece, best quality, (highly detailed photo:1.1) , 8k, photorealistic, By jeremy mann, by sandra chevrier, by maciej kuciara, sharp, (perfect body:1.1) , realistic, real shadow, 3d, (dwarven forge background:1.2) , (by Michelangelo) Model: 0. 7 (aZovyaRPGArtistTools_v2) + 0. 3 (rpg_V4)

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