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79becac82f6 posted 9 months ago
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(masterpiece:1. 0), (best quality:1. 4), (ultra highres:1. 2), (photorealistic:1. 4), (8k, RAW photo:1. 2), (soft focus:1. 4), 1 woman, posh, (sharp focus:1. 4), (Indian:1. 2), (Pune:1. 1), detailed beautiful face, black hair, (detailed open bare chest showing blazer:1. 4), tie, beautiful white shiny humid skin, smiling

Negative prompt: illustration, 3d, sepia, painting, cartoons, sketch, (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, normal quality, ((monochrome)), ((grayscale:1.2)),newhalf, collapsed eyeshadow, multiple eyebrows, pink hair, analog, analogphoto,spots on face, poor, dark face, more than 5 fingers, squint in eyes, long nose, kohl in eyes,jewellery, jpeg artifacts, low quality, lowres, 3d, render, doll, plastic, blur, haze, monochrome, b&w, text, (ugly:1.2), unclear eyes, no arms, bad anatomy, cropped, censoring, asymmetric eyes, bad anatomy, bad proportions, cropped, cross-eyed, deformed, extra arms, extra fingers, extra limbs, fused fingers, malformed, mangled hands, misshapen body, missing arms, missing fingers, missing hands, missing legs, poorly drawn, tentacle finger, too many arms, too many fingers, watermark, logo, text, letters, signature, username, words, blurry, cropped


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