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ElectricL posted 8 months ago
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black haired (serious:1.1) (half Naked:1.2) teen girl with powerful (mechanical:1.2) arm with intricate parts. she is standing in front of an open (portal:1.1) with a purple vortex at night, old (glowing:1.1) (rusty:1.1) (electronics:1.1) can be seen on the ground, (dust:1.1) particles (swirling:1.1) in the air, She is (naked:1.2) (from:1.1) the (waist:1.1) down. On her (upper:1.1) body she is (wearing:1.1) intricate (futuristic:1.2) (armor:1.1) that (cover:1.1) (her:1.1) (breasts:1.1) . shes got long (flowing:1.1) hair. (god:1.1) (rays:1.1) , (volumetric:1.1) lighting coming in from the (top:1.1) , (dynamic:1.5) pose, (whole:1.1) (body:1.1) visible in frame

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