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Deviliance posted 2 months ago
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masterpiece, best quality, highly detailed, long hair, straight hair, medium breasts, 1girl, 1girl, <lora:penis_on_head-wasabiya:1> , blonde hair, green eyes, ((spread legs:1.2) ), after sex, ((pussy:1.3) ), cumdrip, ((pnshead:1.2) ), 1boy, testicles, ((white-skinned male:1.2) ), (large penis:1.2) ,
Negative prompt:

EasyNegativeV2, ((earrings:1.4) ), ((navel piercing:1.4) ), (((animal ears:1.4) )), hair ornament, pointy ears, pubic hair, bag, , (low quality:1.3) , (worst quality:1.3) , (monochrome:0.8) , (deformed:1.3) , (malformed hands:1.4) , (poorly drawn hands:1.4) , (mutated fingers:1.4) ,


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