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Lina_Di posted 10 months ago
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(35mmstyle:1.2) , Highly detailed RAW color Photo, Rear Angle, Full Body, of (female space marine, wearing white and red space suit, futuristic helmet, tined face shield, rebreather, accentuated booty) , outdoors, (standing on Precipice of tall rocky mountain, looking out at magical lush green rain forest on alien planet) , vivid detail, (exotic alien planet) , toned body, big butt, (sci-fi) , (mountains:1.1) , (lush green vegetation) , (two moons in sky:0.8) , (highly detailed, hyperdetailed, intricate) , (lens flare:0.7) , (bloom:0.7) , particle effects, raytracing, cinematic lighting, shallow depth of field, photographed on a Sony a9 II, 35mm wide angle lens, sharp focus, cinematic film still from Gravity 2013, viewed from behind, dynamic angle

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