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AkiraS posted 3 months ago
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Created with ComfyUI using Checkpoint: copaxTimelessxlSDXL1_v4

photograph, intricate details, modelshoot style shot of a (young woman, very thin, fit, abs, small breasts, topless:1. 3) riding a Hydra, 🤢, Caramel Mermaid waves hairstyle, Chic Smartwatch, inside of a Discouraged The Burj Khalifa, indoors and vegetation, Smoky Conditions, shallow depth of field, Movie still, Peaceful, Warmcore, studio lighting, film grain, compact camera, 800mm lens, BW, dynamic composition, League of Legends Splash Art, hyperdetailed, award winning, (art by Charles Dwyer:1. 1) , (art by Jan Matejko:0. 7) , (art by Mary Beale:0. 7) , (art by John Pawson:1. 0)

Negative prompt: (bonnet), (hat), (beanie), cap, (((wide shot))), (cropped head), bad framing, out of frame, deformed, cripple, old, fat, ugly, poor, missing arm, additional arms, additional legs, additional head, additional face, multiple people, group of people, dyed hair, black and white, grayscale, worst quality,low quality, too sample watermark, painting,sketch, bad proportions, thick thighs, additional belly button


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