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Kestral posted 7 months ago
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blacklight, (beautiful young Korean woman, with white hair in a braided ponytail, wearing a white tennis skirt, wearing white and pink shoes, wearing a pink shirt, toned stomach, showing midriff, dynamic pose, action scene, nighttime, dramatic lighting, star-filled sky), photorealistic, photorealism, 8k, RAW photo, highest quality, masterpiece, ultra-high resolution, physics-based rendering, best shadow, best illustration

Negative prompt: ((((ugly)))), (((duplicate))), ((morbid)), ((mutilated)), out of frame, extra fingers, mutated hands, ((poorly drawn hands)), ((poorly drawn face)), (((mutation))), (((deformed))), ((ugly)), blurry, ((bad anatomy)), (((bad proportions))), ((extra limbs)), cloned face, (((disfigured))), out of frame, ugly, extra limbs, (bad anatomy), gross proportions, (malformed limbs), ((missing arms)), ((missing legs)), (((extra arms))), (((extra legs))), mutated hands, (fused fingers), (too many fingers), (((long neck)))


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