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Liliane posted 2 months ago
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nsfw, (small breasts:1.4) , nipples, nude, (top quality, 8k wallpaper) (masterpiece, best quality:1. 2) , (high_resolution:1. 2) , (ultra details:1. 2) , extreme quality, sharp focus, highres, soft lighting, best quality, hyper detailed, ) (8k 16k, RAW photo, best quality, master:1. 2) , (realistic, photo-realistic) 1. 37, ultra-detailed, masterpiece, stunning (white:1. 2) girl, (brown:1. 2) with long hair, green eyes, white skin, wearing a choker and high heels, Leica 75mm F1. 25 Noctilux lens, f1. 2, Kodak Porta 800 with Leica M6 looking at the viewer, in a candlelit bedroom <lora:dreamshaper_8:0. 9> <lora:Perky-Breasts-V3:0. 9>

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