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FAngel posted 8 months ago
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Full-body shot, descending pose, (golden lighting, heavily tattooed angel with wings ) , (majestic and powerful) , (intricate and meaningful tattoos) , (sparkling and divine) , (high-quality, 4K resolution, HDR) , (dramatic and awe-inspiring) , (fantasy art) , (by Alex Grey, Filip Leu, Guy Aitchison) , (with a serene expression:1. 1) , (against a heavenly background, clouds and light beams) , (graceful and elegant:1. 1) , (peaceful and divine aura:1. 1) . , Angelic Face, Very Beautiful features, (sparkling and divine) , (graceful and elegant:1. 1) , (peaceful and divine aura:1. 1) . , 16k, UHD, HDR10, 16K, ((Masterpiece) ), <lora:add_detail:0.4> <lora:epi_noiseoffset2:0.4> <lora:hairdetailer:0.6> <lora:more_details:0.3> <lora:add-detail-xl:1.2> <lora:DetailedEyes_V3:1.2> <lora:sd_xl_offset_example-lora_1.0:1.2>

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