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amf101fma posted about 2 months ago
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(best quality,4k,8k,highres,masterpiece:1.2) , ultra-detailed, (realistic,photorealistic,photo-realistic:1.37) , HDR, UHD, studio lighting, ultra-fine painting, sharp focus, physically-based rendering, extreme detail description, professional, (vivid colors,colorful:1.1) , bokeh, portraits Aerial Three shot, dark, dramatic, ominous, Capture a gloomy setting with a 1man laying on his death bed, an old wooden bed with tattered sheets, decaying room, lifeless atmosphere, haunting presence of time, ill-fated destiny, creepy vibe, toxic aura, memories swirling in the air, a 1angel with ethereal beauty, graceful white wings, glowing halo, faint celestial light, gentle and compassionate presence, 1demon on each side of his bed, menacing and sinister figures, twisted horns, glowing red eyes, shadowy and malevolent auras, can you smell the death in the air, morbid scent of decay, ominous and suffocating atmosphere, breathless anticipation, breathtaking visuals, uncanny mix of light and shadows, captivating composition and framing, masterfully crafted details, emotional depth and intensity, hauntingly beautiful, (color palette:dark tones,deep shadows,subtle highlights:black,gray,dark blue,dark purple) , (studio lighting to enhance the atmosphere) , (gloomy,low key lighting to intensify the eerie ambiance) , (blurred background to create a dreamlike effect) , (splashes of vibrant colors to contrast the darkness) , (fine details on the angel's wings and the demon's sinister features) , (attention to facial expressions and emotions) , (inspired by classic portrait paintings, reminiscent of Renaissance art) , (conveying a sense of both beauty and vulnerability) , (evoking a feeling of the supernatural and other-worldly) , (play of light and shadow to create a sense of depth and dimension) , (surreal elements to add an air of mystery and intrigue) , (capturing the delicate balance between life and death) , (emphasizing the fragility and transient nature of human existence) , (creating a visual narrative that leaves a lasting impression) , (intricate textures and intricate brushstrokes to add depth and realism to the composition) , (subtle hints of symbolism to add depth and meaning to the artwork) , (evoking a sense of melancholy and contemplation) , (conveying the passage of time and the inevitability of mortality) , (reflection of the human condition and the fleeting nature of life) , (exploration of the themes of life, death, and transcendence) .

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