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posted about 1 year ago
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2022 tik tok influencer 1girl, asian, dark skin, (textured imperfect skin:1. 3), laying down top-down POV, spread legs (pussy:1. 1), furrowed brow (very horny flushed happy expression:1. 4), exposed sexy pose, seductive alluring inviting, turned on, biting lower lip, (nude naked:1. 4), gorgeous features, clear face, symmetrical face, beautiful face, rendered eyes, detailed eyes, beautiful hair, smile, (bare exposed crotch:1. 1), long legs, thick bare thighs, thigh gap, (small boobs:1. 7), flat chest, (bare exposed breasts:1. 2), small natural breasts, framed breasts, perky breasts, symmetrical breasts, perfect breasts, anatomy, athletic, bare middriff, navel, sexy, exotic, alluring, fit, mature, NSFW, masterpiece, highly detailed, 8k octane, HDR, ultra detailed, best quality, highest quality, realistic lighting, hyperdetailed

Negative prompt: (large breasts:1.9), large boobs, child (loli:1.4), (visible hand:1.3), (ugly:1.3), (duplicate:1.2), (morbid:1.1), (mutilated:1.1), out of frame, bad face, extra fingers, mutated hands, (poorly drawn hands:1.1), (poorly drawn face:1.3), (mutation:1.3), (deformed:1.3), blurry, (bad anatomy:1.1), (bad proportions:1.2), (extra limbs:1.1), cloned face, (disfigured:1.2), gross proportions, malformed limbs, (missing arms:1.1), (missing legs:1.1), (extra arms:1.2), (extra legs:1.2), fused fingers, too many fingers, (long neck:1.2)


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