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MindsaiGuru posted 6 months ago
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sweeping landscape photography (a view from below showing the sky above and the open land below) , a girl standing in a field of flowers looking up, (full moon: 1.2) , (shooting stars: 0.9) , (fog: 1.3) , distant mountain, BREAK tree production art, (warm light source: 1.2) , (fireflies: 1.2) , lamp, lots of purple and orange, intricate details, volumetric lighting, BREAK realism (masterpiece: 1. 2) , (best quality) , 4k, ultra-detailed, (dynamic compositing: 1.4) , very detailed, colorful details, (dazzling colors: 1.2) , (bright lighting, atmospheric lighting) , dreamy, magical, (solo: 1.2)
Negative prompt:

Ugly, low detailed, bad body shape, malformed limbs fingers arms legs


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