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abyishot posted 11 months ago
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She stood in the rain, the drops cascading down her face like tears. Her hair was a tangled mess and soaked through. Her eyes, though hidden behind a curtain of wet hair, shone with a fierce intensity that belied her delicate features. Despite the downpour, she stood with unshakable poise, her clothes clung to her body, revealing the gentle curves and soft lines that made her all the more alluring. There was a sense of mystery about her, an air of quiet strength that suggested she was not to be trifled with. Her gaze seemed to pierce through the rain as if she were searching for something just beyond her reach. (Sweetheart Series)


The Spanish

(Masterful Digital Artwork:1. 3) of (Ultra detailed:1. 3), (raw photo ((ultra-detailed)), lady in rain, pretty face, dense, wet ((ultra-detailed)), ((photo)), street, city ((ultra-detailed)), long brown hair, green eye, CGSociety, ArtStation

Negative prompt: (low quality, worst quality:1.4), scribbles, low quality, low rated, mediocre, 3d rendering, screenshot, Software, UI, watermark, signature, nsfw, deformed body


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