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ElectricL posted 7 months ago
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UHD. , best possible quality, God rays (volumetric:1.1) (hazy:0.8) light, curvy woman with (dark:1.2) flowing , (messy:0.9) hair is totally (naked:1.1) poolside on a sunny day with the (only:1.1) light coming (directly:1.1) from her sides from a 2 (large:1.5) (softboxes:0.9) She is (sensual:1.4) and her (hair:1.1) is (flowing:1.1) in the (wind:1.1) shes got a subtle smile. The scene is shot with (Kodakportra800:1.1) (filmgrain:1.1) (Analogcamera:1.1) (Sharpdetails:1.1) (50mm:1.1) (carlzeiss:1.1) (planar@f4:1.1) <lora:epiC35mm> <lora:more_details:0.2>
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UnrealisticDream, FastNegativeV2


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