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mario33 posted 4 months ago
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RAW photo of female DJ, 24 years old, skinny, (futuristic DJ set:1.2) , bright pink hair, messy ponytail weave hairstyle, detailed headphones, medium smile, (looking at crowd:1.1) , (hype atmosphere:1.2) , (full DJ set visible:1.3) , standing on a stage, (big crowd in background:1.1) , (everyone partying:1.2) , (masterpiece:1.3) , (best_quality:1.3) , (ultra_detailed:1.3) , 8k, extremely_clear, realism, (ultrarealistic:1.3) , cinematic lighting, highres, professional color grading, film grain, [(ultrarealistic:1.2) : (adobe lightroom:1.2) :0. 3], [:intricate details:0.2] , kkw-ph1, <lora:add_detail:0.6>

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