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ElectricL posted 8 months ago
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lush green vegetation with (intricate:1.1) (colored:1.1) (flowers:1.1) . God rays (volumetric:1.1) light. lit (candels:1.1) (young:1.3) (beautiful:1.1) (woman:1.1) with (medium:1.3) breasts and a (realistic:1.1) body and (skin:1.1) (wide:1.2) hips. large (messy:1.7) hair, she is half (naked:1.1) (wearing:1.1) (white:1.2) (see through:1.1) lace flowing dress. The light is coming from one soft box (directly:1.1) from above her (realistic:1.2) and complex with (beautiful:1.2) (highlights:1.2) and (shadows:1.2) . She is standing on the floor in an (open:1.3) room.

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