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iAPena posted 3 months ago
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The most beautiful woman ever seen wearing an off-shoulder tank top and loose shorts, lying back on the floor next to a fireplace. Beautiful sunset afternoon lights coming from the large window. (best quality, masterpiece:1. 2), photorealistic, intricate details, symmetrical eyes, (beautiful detailed face), detailed lips, absurdres, dynamic angle, eyeliner, dark hair, yellowish eyes, slim waist, narrow shoulders.

Negative prompt: cartoon, painting, illustration, drawing, cgi, 3d-rendered, semi-realistic, (worst quality, low quality, normal quality:2), jpg artifacts, asian, long torso, fat body, two heads, (disformed face), disformed fingers, disformed legs, disformed body, bad anatomy, extra limbs, unrealistic eyes, unrealistic face, ugly face, mutated fingers, nsfw clothing, naked, undressed


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