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521jingyi posted about 2 months ago
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a mature girl, radiant, {very tall and slender} , glossy skin, {{masterpiece} }, {best quality} , {ultra-detailed} , {{gorgeous evening cheongsam with patterns} }, bright room, perfect lighting, marble floor with beautiful patterns, {perfect face:1.3} , {big,bright red eyes:1.2} , {{{glossy lips} }}, {{bright pink hair} }, {{{the highest ponytail} }}, {asymmetrical bangs} , {crystal necklace:1.2} , {mid-chest} , {delicate bracelet:1.1} , {enchanting standing pose} , one hand crossed at the waist, look at the audience, {{very long,straight legs} }, {{sparkling crystal heels} }, {front view:1.3} , HDR, UHD, 8K

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