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ScArecrow23 posted about 1 year ago
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Cyborg Girl v2

(best quality, masterpiece:1.3) , beautiful and aesthetic, official art, intricate details, ultra detailed, cinematic lighting, Glow Effects, detailed shadow, beautiful detailed face, colorful, slum room, messy cable, cyberpunk, glassless window, (1girl:punk hair, cyborg girl, big tits, full body, backless top, cybernetic legs, ((cybernetic neon spinal connecting terminal device with thick cable) ), inspecting, cable, full lying down long sofa, from behind)
Negative prompt:

(Naked, Nude, NSFW, Erotica:2.0) , (bad-artist:0.8) , (bad-hands-5:1.1) , (bad-image-v2-39000:0.8) , (badhandv4:1.1) , (deformed, distorted, disfigured:1.3) , (easynegative:0.8) , duplicate, mutation, mutated, (poorly drawn face) , cloned face, cross eyed, long neck, extra fingers, mutated hands, (fused fingers) , (too many fingers) , (missing arms) , (missing legs) , (extra arms) , (extra legs) , (poorly drawn hands) , (bad anatomy) , (bad proportions) , (text) , (signatures) , lowres, (worst quality) , (low quality) , (normal quality) , Out of Frame, blurry, jpeg artifacts, watermark, logo, letters, username, words, cropped, cartoon, split images


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