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posted over 1 year ago
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zrpgstyle, medieval fantasy portrait armored female dwarf barbarian warrior charging into battle violent arms up greaves boots standing in a crowd of warriors red banners windy dust debris storm fantasy stone castle bright morning light from side, (masterpiece:1.2) (illustration:1.2) (best quality) (detailed) (intricate) (8k) (HDR) (wallpaper) (cinematic lighting) (sharp focus)
Negative prompt:

((weapon axe sword club) ) ((nude) ) (photo photography photograph) (cartoon) (saturated) (bad hands) (disfigured) (grain) (deformed) (poorly drawn) (mutilated) (lowres) (deformed) (lowpoly) (CG) (3d) (blurry) (out-of-focus) (depth_of_field) (duplicate) (watermark) (label) (signature) (text) (cropped)


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