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TerettaW posted 6 months ago
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Rampart female character from Apex legends, (ultra-detailed:1.6) , extremely detailed face, masterpiece, (extreme shading:1.0) , expressive eyes, (curvy:1.3) , (fangs:1.2) , (low ponytail:1.3) , black hair with blue inner hair, (glowing goggles:1.4) , (oversized jacket:1.5) , (floating glowing welding machine:1.1) , (magical flames:1.5) , (baggy shorts:1.4) , (floating, typing on glowing holographic welding machine:1.4) , (atmospheric perspective:1.3) , (cyberpunk dystopian lot:1.3) , (neon signs:1.4) , streets, vivid colors, atmospheric lighting, (night:1.3)

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