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577cd66ea12 posted about 2 months ago
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((portrait photography) ), (((extreme close up:1.2) )), clip from a movie, ((glossy film stock:1.2) ), ((weathered film stock) ), (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper) full shot body photo of a desert witch, (portrait) , action scene, ((wide angle:1.3) ), ((film grain:1.3) ), Beautiful Dungeons & dragons witch, ((nomadic witch) ), fitness girl, ((midriff) ), (outdoors) , ((dark skin:1.2) ), ((tattered off-white harem sorceress gear) ), (((tattered linen witch clothing) )), (skirt) , detailed symmetrical face, ((light brown hair:1.3) ), (messy ringlet hair hair) , ((embroidered and intricate witch hat) ), (pointed hat) , ((yellow eyes) ), reflective eyes, dark eyebrows, ((mascara) ), makeup, (dark lipstick) , dust particles, detailed lighting, rim lighting, dramatic lighting, chiaroscuro, (desert) ((sand dunes) ), ((rocky cliffs) ), (muscle girl) , ((legs) ), ((thighs) ), ((from below:1.3) ), professional majestic impressionism oil painting by Waterhouse, John Constable, Ed Blinkey, Atey Ghailan, Studio Ghibli, by Jeremy Mann, Greg Manchess, Antonio Moro, trending on ArtStation, trending on CGSociety, Intricate, High Detail, dramatic, makoto shinkai kyoto, trending on artstation, trending on CGsociety

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